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Are you pregnant or did you just become proud parents? What could be more exciting than share the birth and development of your baby with family, friends or colleagues. Trough its possible to create on your own way and style a website about your baby! This way you have a permanent reminder of the birth and development of your baby and easily share with anyone you want. Within 1 minute you can easily manage and use a unique website for your newborn.

Through Babysite you can add photo's and films. it's also possible to keep a diary and calendar so you can keep upto date about the pregnancy and development of your child. Nice extra features that you can put on the website are length and weight charts, a guestbook and teeth Table. You can insert various colors, fonts and backgrounds and many more. This way your baby website will look professional, while it will only take a little time to make. You don't have to have any technical knowledge. Do you want to see how the babysite works? Just look at the baby-advantages on this webpage... and join many other proud parents?

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